The Power of Expression Book free download

The Power of Expression Book free download

The Power of Expression Book free download

About: An easy and global approach to learning everything you have to know about using expressions in Adobe After Effects! Available as a beautiful hardcover book or downloadable eBook.

Trying to learn Expression can prove to be a laborious journey for a regular user, not because it’s a difficult language but because all of the materials and resources to learn it are spread everywhere, it can be even more frustrating when the After Effects user has to leave the software to learn coding for After Effects through other coding sources such as JavasScript websites. I experienced this firsthand and when it came to learning Expression, you just can’t find a precise answer where to start or a global approach, this book is exactly what I wish I had found.

WHAT IS EXPRESSION? A simple language
Expression is the language that allows to program or link the properties in Adobe After Effects. When you don’t know anything about coding in general, it can look scary and inaccessible but trust me Expression is very logical and you just need to know a few terms to be able to write, read and decipher an expression. My goal with this book was to lighten things up, to make clear what can appear complex, but in the end is a very beautiful and simple tool that will bring harmony to your project…

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Project name: The Power of Expression Book free download

Author: François Lefebvre

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