Inkers Procreate Brush Set free download

Inkers Procreate Brush Set free download 3515192

Inkers Procreate Brush Set free download 3515192

About: A set of 12 inking brushes for Procreate that I use in my day to day illustration and lettering work.

Many hours have spent many hours fine tuning and tweaking these brushes to create a set of responsive, natural brushes. Hopefully you enjoy using them as much as I do!

There is a range of different styles from thick and solid to textured and broken.

The Brushes Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:

Smooth like Butter – Simple and solid, perfect for outlining.

Built to Last – Similar to SLB brush above but has a different nib shape giving it a different feel when lining.

Bobble – Adds a bumpy, bobbliness to the more straightforward inkers above. Perfect if you want that bit of texture to your lines without too much texture.

Straggle – A little distortion and texture starts to add a subtle but uneven finish to your lines.

Prickle – Gives you that ‘my Posca pen is running out’ feel when lining but works equally well when used to fill and colour in.

Dry Sponge – A bit like drawing with a tiny sponge… It gives you a solid line with a little bit of texture and grittiness in.

Drag – Takes the unbroken, grittiness to another level giving you a brush that works equally well as a liner or filler inner (I’m not sure that’s a phrase)

A New Stipple / The Stipple Strikes Back / Return of the Stipple – A collection of 3 gritty, broken inkers that give you a ton of texture either as a liner for less detailed stuff or to fill something in as a simple shader.

Draggy Dots / Dotty Dots – For when you want some textured dots in your work.

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Project name: Inkers Procreate Brush Set free download

Author: Idle Letters

Compatible softwares: Procreate

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