Color for Creatives free download

Color for Creatives free download

About: Color is the best way to visually communicate emotion.
Whether you’re making an illustration, landing page or interface, the colors you choose will change how people feel about it. Color is a crucial instrument in the design orchestra. And if that instrument is out of tune, the whole song falls apart.

But choosing the right colors is tough.
Where do you start? How do you build your own color palettes? We’ve all resorted to scraping other designer’s color schemes, but have you ever stopped to understand why those colors work so well together?

It’s time to find your color confidence.
The only thing separating you from the color-wielding gods you follow on Instagram is a solid understanding of how color works. And equipped with that, you can start to create rich, dynamic and original work….

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Project name: Color for Creatives free download

Author: Greg Gunn

Compatible softwares: Photoshop, Illutrator

1. Via File-upload – download

2. Via Nitroflare – download

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