Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript: The Complete Guide

Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript: The Complete Guide

Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript: The Complete Guide udemy course free download

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Project name: Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript: The Complete Guide

Author: Mark Tan

Official information and Features:

Compatible softwares: Javascript

About: Requirements

  1. Telegram Account
  2. Basic JavaScript

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that provides API to developers to create bots that interact with users. This course aims to provide you with complete set of knowledge on how to build amazing Telegram Bots.

In this course, you will be using JavaScript and NodeJS to create Telegram Bots using an EASY-TO-LEARN Modern Framework called Telegraf.

First you will be learning the basic bot functions where you will understand the fundamental building blocks of the framework.

Next we will learn how to build 7 different bots, each focusing on a specific area that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the framework and Telegram Bot API.

The 7 Bots that you will build:

  1. Echo Bot – Echos what you type, provides users with a help message, and has logging feature to log information into another chat.
  2. Media Bot – Work with files like sending photos, Gifs, and documents from your computer, URL or File ID.
  3. Simple API Bot – Invoke external APIs to send users a random fortune cookie, a random image of a cat, an image with a text message that you typed, get an image of a specific dog breed.
  4. Facts Bot – Retrieve data from a Google Sheet and output it to the bot without using Google API.
  5. Crypto Bot – Retrieves Cryptocurrency information and you will learn how to create interactive menus in your bot using custom keyboards.
  6. Channel Bot – Uses RSS and Zapier to automatically send Instagram or Facebook posts into your channel, and this also works for any website that supports RSS.
  7. Search Bot – Supports inline query so that anyone in any chat can send an inline query to the bot to search for images or Wikipedia pages.

Finally we will learn how to deploy our bot using the Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. The Serverless Architecture will allow your bot to scale automatically and you do not have to worry about it crashing when there are too many users. You also do not have to worry about managing your own server and it is also free and extremely cheap to host with AWS Lambda.

All the bot scripts and codes will be available for you to download and use to maximize your learning and gain the most from the course.

At the end of the course, you will know how to do simple logging into a group chat, send different types of files, use external API, read Google Sheets, create custom keyboards with interactive menus, handle inline queries, and automatically post content from websites like Instagram and Facebook into your channel and many more.

This course also gives you a good stepping stone for you to explore deeper into building more complex bots.

If you would like to see in detail what each bot does, you can check out the sections below.

Who this course is for:
  1. Beginners who are curious to create Telegram bots
  2. Anyone who want to create Telegram Bots with complex functions
  3. Anyone who wants to understand and learn Telegram Bot API
  4. Students who want to expand their portfolio with Telegram bots
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